Constitution - Part 1


Section 1 – Name

The name of ‘the Party’ referred to within this constitution is the British Columbia Progressive Party or ProBC.

Section 2 – Party Purposes

The purposes of the party are as follows:

a) To field candidates during Provincial general elections and by-elections with the intention of being elected as Members to the Legislative Assembly of British Columbia.

b) To more generally support, promote and endorse Progressive ideas, policies and legislation within the Province.

c) To encourage active support and membership of BC citizens within the Party.
d) To follow the Party purposes, the Party constitution, Party by-laws, the decisions of the Executive Committee and the Party Leader.

e) To be a transparent and open Party in regard to general or specific requests for Party information, available to the public.

f) To operate in a fiscally, environmentally and politically responsible and Progressive manner.

g) To provide a central forum for Party members and supporters as well as encouraging Progressive thought, discussion and action.

h) To abide by the Canadian Constitution Act, 1867, BC Constitution Act, 1996, the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms as well as Federal, Provincial, Territorial and Municipal legislation, laws and by-laws.

i) To promote greater and more stable freedoms and security for both the individual and society as a whole.

j) To promote the necessity and public understanding for greater protection of Provincial eco-systems and the Provinces natural environment as well as eco-systems outside the Province, Canada’s natural environment in general and the Earth’s natural environment as a wholly encompassing system of nature.

Section 3 – Authority of the Party Constitution

This Constitution, the Constitution of the British Columbia Progressive Party, is the highest governing and regulatory document of the Party. It supersedes the Constitutions of any Constituent Associations (CA’s) under Party jurisdiction in the event of possible conflicts between them. If there are any CA’s without an individual or specified Constitution then this Constitution may be applied instead.